Behaviors for dynamic agents in CARLA scenarios.

behavior AutopilotBehavior()[source]

Behavior causing a vehicle to use CARLA’s built-in autopilot.

behavior CrossingBehavior(reference_actor, min_speed=1, threshold=10, final_speed=None)[source]

This behavior dynamically controls the speed of an actor that will perpendicularly (or close to) cross the road, so that it arrives at a spot in the road at the same time as a reference actor.

  • min_speed (float) – minimum speed of the crossing actor. As this is a type of “synchronization action”, a minimum speed is needed, to allow the actor to keep moving even if the reference actor has stopped

  • threshold (float) – starting distance at which the crossing actor starts moving

  • final_speed (float) – speed of the crossing actor after the reference one surpasses it